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Financial Divorce Expert Services

Set Yourself Up For Success!

A Free 30-Minute Consultation is offered so we can learn about your specific needs and situation.

FDE empowers couples and individuals to make smart decisions by providing the organization, education, focus, and specialized financial calculations that are essential when preparing for the divorce process.  We offer a broad Menu of Services tailored to each Client’s specific needs.

  1. Basic Financial Preparation for Separation and Divorce
    FDE analyzes statements, reports, and information provided by the Client and, assists the Client in preparing the Monthly Expense Form and Schedule of Assets & Debts.  FDE also prepares support calculations to conduct in-depth discussions with the Client (Zoom, phone, or in-person)
    FDE helps define the Client’s specific financial issues and goals

    • Preliminary Spousal and/or Child Support calculations

    • income of both parties

    • assets, debts, division of assets and debts, tax strategies for dividing assets

    • and all financial issues that pertain to the Client’s situation

  2. Basic Preparation with Memorandum
    In addition to Basic Financial Preparation, FDE will create a comprehensive Memorandum, which is an outline of the issues discussed in the meeting including any preliminary calculations for spousal and/or child support and recommended actions or information needed.

    The Memorandum will serve as the foundation of the Client’s financial information for a Settlement Agreement and may be used by an attorney, mediator, or any other professionals the Client consults during the divorce process.

  3. Comprehensive Financial Preparation for Separation & Divorce
    In addition to  Basic Financial Preparation with Memorandum, Family Law Software will be used to create an analysis and provide two scenarios that provide a comprehensive picture of the ability of both parties to pay all monthly expenses and show the long-term effects of a proposed division of assets and debts.

    The cash flow portion of the analysis presents a very close approximation of both party’s factual, after-tax income and can show the need for spousal support.

    The asset and debt calculations offer a very realistic picture of both party’s future financial lives and how a potential division of assets and debts will affect each person.

  4. Specialty Calculations, Tracing, and Reports


  • Hourly Contract - Hourly Services
    FDE will contract with the Client or Clients for a specific number of hours as defined by the Client.

  • Present Valuation for Defined Benefit Pensions (FERS, Military, Government, State)
    Estimated, lump-sum present value is performed by Joan Coullahan for informational purposes. These assets are often very valuable as, the value of the pension is not the statement balance of contributions and earnings.

  • Calculation of Gains/Losses on Premarital or Post Separation Portion of a Retirement Account
    Gains and losses are traced and calculated on the account value at the date of marriage from date of marriage to the date of settlement or litigation. The growth on premarital amounts is usually very significant compared to the current account value.

  • Tracing of Accounts
    Some cases involve waste, or use of marital funds, spent on an affair.  Also, negative, monetary contributions through unaccounted spending, account withdrawals and transfers, credit card charges, funds, waste, disposition of funds spent, or use for negative monetary contributions.

  • Real Estate Source of Funds
    If premarital funds or inheritance was used for purchase or improvement of real estate, then the amount contributed plus growth/appreciation, can be assigned as separate property, and not be divided in the settlement.

  • Stock Option or Restricted Stock Unit Evaluation
    Employees often receive stock options, restricted stock units, stock appreciation rights, and other assets, which must be analyzed as to the number of shares and value that were granted and vested during the marriage.  Just because all shares haven’t vested doesn’t mean they have no marital value.

  • Proposal or Property Settlement Agreement Review and Meeting/Phone Call
    The most often asked questions are, “is my spouse’s proposal fair and are all of our assets and debts included?” ”The Proposal or Settlement Agreement and pertinent financial documents will be reviewed for financial content, potential financial benefit/consequences (tax, cash flow, etc.) of the proposed terms, and discussion of possible alternatives only. 

  • Collaboration with Client’s Legal Counsel
    FDE is available for meetings or telephone conferences with Client’s attorney to discuss any analysis performed or act as a Divorce Financial Analyst to Client’s attorney.

  • Expert Witness Testimony
    FDE is trained and available to present trial testimony concerning the manner in which all calculations were performed, provide opinions, and interpret the outcome of various settlement options.

    All FDE work product is appropriate for trial exhibits and FDE will provide trial testimony with explanations, if required.


Required Client Forms

  1. Free Excel-based Monthly Expenses Form

  2. Free Schedule of Assets and Debts

  3. Divorce Documentation Checklist

  4. Divorce Preparation Guide

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