Fears & Unique Situations

Divorce + Money + Uncertainty = Anxiety

We help you get answers to reduce the “uncertainty”.

Single Income Households

  • How will I protect myself financially? 

  • How can I get financial support during the separation process?

  • How will I pay for an attorney or financial expert if I have no income?

  • Do I have to find a job right away or at all?

  • Do we have to sell the house?

  • Life insurance policies. (do not let income earner cancel it)

  • Health Insurance

  • Retirement – Social Security Benefits as well as IRA & 401K

  • YOU need to control the process from the start!

*** Your attorney can file for temporary support (Pendente Lite) if your spouse stops paying the bills and you have no money or income.


Combined Income Households

  • What is your actual household budget now and in the future?

  • How will Financial Support change based on custody?

  • Who/How will we pay for Children’s Financial “Extra’s”?

  • How do we handle the family home?

  • How do we divide our Debt? (Not always 50/50…usually based on income)

  • Life Insurance Policies?  

  • Mediation is a great Option….but you NEED to know Marital Income, Expenses, Debts and Assets BEFORE starting Mediation.

We can provide your financial picture and your attorney will advise you of your rights. This is a Business Negotiation and BOTH sides need to look out for their OWN interests.

NOTE: VA Spousal Support & Child Support Formulas are usually only the starting point. 

Situations of “Fault Based” Divorce


  • Is there excessive “Marital Waste” because of an extramarital affair?

  • Are there Negative Monetary Contributions due to gambling, excessive overspending, accumulation of debt or spending?

  • Could the division of marital assets/debts change with a Fault Based Divorce? (An attorney can advise you of how your division of marital assets & debts can change because of a “Fault Based” divorce.)

  • How do you protect your credit and assets during this process?


We Identify, Trace and Document for all scenarios.


Divorce over 50

  • Will we be better off financially if we only Separate versus Divorce?

  • Are there Healthcare Insurance issues to consider?

  • Is there still Trust in the relationship? 

  • Is a Post-Nuptial Agreement necessary if we decide to not divorce?

  • How will divorce affect my Retirement at this age?

  • Will I still be able to receive Social Security?

  • Will I have enough money to live on my own? 

  • Will I need Spousal Support and is it an option at my age?

  • Can I remain as the beneficiary on my spouse’s Life Insurance and Retirement Accounts?  

Business Owners

  • Will I lose my business if I divorce?

  • Does my business have a monetary value?

  • Is a Spousal Buyout of the business possible and what are my options?

  • What are the financial options if my spouse continues to hold interest in my business?

  • How will the division of Marital Assets & Debts be impacted if I buy my spouse out of their interest in my business?

  • What are potential the Tax consequences?