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The Power of an Expert

Financial Divorce Expert provides the analytical skill, knowledge and experience that you need to negotiate or litigate a settlement while planning for the future.

“Expert Financial Solutions for a Successful Divorce” 

Joan Coullahan


The Divorce Roadmap 

We help you get started, which is the most important step. Then we can assist your mediator or attorney so you complete the process.

The 3 Main Steps in the Divorce Process

  1. Financial Preparation - WE ARE STEP 1


  2. Marriage Separation Agreement (MSA) – drafted by an Attorney or Mediator.

  3. Final Divorce Decree – prepared by an Attorney and sent to judge for final signature.

  • We help you gather and organize all of the financial documents you will need for your journey.

  • We prepare a personal financial assessment that is unique to your financial needs.

  • We provide you with calculations and reports for your unique situation so that you can take them to your lawyer, mediator or other Divorce Professionals.

  • We help with recommendations for additional professionals you may need on your “team”.

We also offer a complimentary Post-Settlement Review to discuss all actions to complete your divorce process, so you can focus on your future.

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Why Financial Divorce Expert?

Because 95% of the Problems That Occur in The Divorce Process Are Related to Money.

We are unique and only practice pre-divorce financial planning.  Our clients save many thousands of dollars, months of “being stuck” without a settlement, and consideration emotional stress.

  1. Divorce IS one of the most painful and agonizing life events. It is critical to have experienced, financial professionals on your team.

  2. Financial Divorce Expert is a crucial resource. We prepare individuals and couples for separation and divorce by ensuring they are organized, educated and focused so they can make smart decisions. We analyze and define the Client’s financial situation before negotiation, mediation, or litigation. This includes identifying and classifying the “pot of assets” to be divided, child support calculation, cash flow and identifying the need for spousal support, dividing retirement accounts and pensions, present and future tax issues and more.

  3. Financial Divorce Expert is your divorce financial educator and guide, who will make sure you have the information you need to make smart decisions during a long, stressful, and uncertain emotional journey.

We can measure the results of our services. My clients save many thousands of dollars, months of “being “stuck” without a settlement, and considerable emotional stress.


Who We Serve


Wives/Mothers & Husbands/Father 

“We serve as your Financial Mentor”


“We serve as your Financial Neutral”

Single & Combined Income Households 

“We can guide you through your unique financial situation“


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