Package Services & Helpful Forms 

A Free 30 min Consultation is necessary to learn your financial situation. We will recommend packages based on your financial needs.

  1. Hourly Services – FDE will contract with Client(s) for a specific number of hours defined by the Client.

  2. Basic Preparation to get you started – FDE uses the Client-completed Monthly Expense Form, Schedule of Assets & Debts, the Divorce Preparation Guide and Calculations performed by FDE to conduct an in-depth financial discussion with the Client (Zoom, phone or in-person) to discuss
    - Preliminary Spousal and/or Child Support calculations,
    - income of both parties,
    - assets, debts, division of assets and debts,
    - and all financial issues that pertain to the Client’s situation.

  3. Preparation with Memorandum for use with Attorney or Mediator – In addition to Package 2, FDE will create a comprehensive Memorandum, which is an outline of the issues discussed in the meeting including any preliminary calculations for spousal and/or child support and recommended actions or information needed.

    The Memorandum will serve as the foundation of the Client’s financial information for a Settlement Agreement and may be used by an attorney, mediator or any other professionals the Client consults during the divorce process.

  4. Comprehensive Financial Preparation for more complex scenarios – In addition to Package 3, The Family Law Software will be used to create an analysis and provide 2 scenarios that provide a comprehensive picture of the ability of both parties to pay all monthly expenses and show the long-term effects of a proposed division of assets and debts.

    The cash flow portion of the analysis presents a very close approximation of both party’s factual, after-tax income and includes future changes in filing status, dependency exemptions, itemized deductions, child support and the cost/benefit of spousal maintenance.

    The asset and debt calculations offer a very realistic picture of both party’s future financial lives and how a potential division of assets and debts will affect each person. This analysis utilizes the factual details of both parties’ lives including salary and other income, alimony, child support, living expenses, liquid and retirement assets, real estate, debts and return on assets. The resulting computations are charted to show the effects of potential decisions concerning the settlement.

  5. Specialty Calculations
    - Tracing
    - Pension Valuation
    - Retirement Contributions Premarital/Post Separation,
    - Stock Options/RSU Evaluation,
    - Need for Spousal Support,
    - Real Estate Contributions
    - and many other issues)

    ** All calculations and reports are appropriate for Trial Exhibits and FDE will provide Trial Testimony with explanations, if required.

  6. Expert Witness Testimony – FDE is trained and available to present trial testimony concerning the manner in which all calculations were performed, provide opinion, and interpret the outcome of various settlement options.


Required Client Forms

  1. Free Excel-based Monthly Expenses Form

  2. Free Schedule of Assets and Debts

  3. Divorce Documentation Checklist

  4. Divorce Preparation Guide