Divorce is hard — I make it easier

Almost all the problems in the divorce process are because of money.  It is the cause of the large legal bills, a great deal of emotional stress and many weeks and months of uncertainty.  I eliminate many of the problems by preparing people to go through the process.

I am a Certified Financial Divorce Specialist, a financial planner who organizes and educates individuals and couples, preparing them to go through the divorce process with the least amount of emotional and financial cost.  As an unbiased consultant, I am able to look at my clients’ situation clearly and objectively.  My priority is always showing options so my clients can decide on their best financial outcome.

It has been through my 18 years of education, experience, and working with many hundreds of clients that I know that a divorce can be just as devastating financially as it is emotionally. Rather than focus on negative emotion, however, I focus on facts and empowerment!